Same-Sex Marriage And The Supreme Court Say, “I DO!”


First and foremost, let me just state, to anyone who supports traditional marriage, or leaving it up to the states to decide, please note, you are not a bigot, you are not homophobic, and you are not intolerant. I support a person’s right to their own belief, especially on an issue like this. And it’s unfortunate that too many in our society today do not feel the same way. Equality is a two-way street, and if someone disagrees with you, that is their right to do so. It is also what makes us one of the most diverse countries in the world. I believe that as long as no one is causing physical harm to others, one should never apologize for standing up for their beliefs, traditional or other. NEVER!

The Supreme Court of the United States today ruled in favor of same-sex marriage (SSM). Now, being gay, obviously some people will feel that we automatically are in favor of same-sex marriage or have some bias on the issue…that’s not true, although it can be difficult to properly express our opinion on this issue without “offending” one side. And to make it clear, I do not speak for everyone who is gay and registered Republican. My beliefs are my own. However, I have had many other gay conservatives agree with my stance on this and other LGB issues. Today’s ruling also told us that all Americans should receive equal benefits and rights under the law. As someone who also holds libertarian leaning views, I would like most of the government out of the marriage business as possible. With that being stated, I just wish the debate on marriage equality could have been done through the judicial process, not the legislative process. I do not agree that a Court can or should redefine marriage, because this, like yesterday’s Obamacare ruling, can take the power away from the American people, and leaves these important life issues to 9 black-robed men and women. If this can happen, what about our 2nd Amendment rights? Can that be stripped away as well, with the vote from a handful of people? Moreover, I also believe that this issue of same-sex marriage is the responsibility of the people, and should have remained with States and with the voters of these States. An important issue like same-sex marriage is a conversation that should be discussed within our own communities; in our homes, our churches, our city meetings, etc.

I’m sure we can all see that today’s ruling disappointed millions of Americans who believe in traditional marriage. Some of whom had their voices silenced on this issue. And with this disappointment also shows that the Supreme Court has now, and probably forever substituted its will for that of the people and States. I’ve read multiple politicians and/or people on social media website suggesting issuing a constitutional amendment to stop same-sex marriage. Although a good idea in the eyes of some, we’re a year and a half away from the 2016 election, and I truly don’t see that happening as we move forward. I have plenty of gay and straight friends who may disagree with me on that, but as Ronald Reagan once said:

“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear.”

… What is done is done, and although it may be hurtful to read for some, more people favor same-sex marriage than do not, as we’ve seen in multiple polls across America. It truly has become a generational issue, as Scott Walker of Wisconsin once stated. I see it when I’m sitting in one of my college classes, and the question of SSM is raised.  Moreover, we had more States that had legalized same-sex marriage then did not, prior to this ruling. I do not see our country going back to States rights on this issue, but one never knows.

I think we now need to focus on the important issues of Church rights and Religious Freedom in America. Anyone who has been following me in the past knows, I do not, by any means, believe a church or business owner should be forced to conduct a same-sex marriage, or provide a service that goes against their religious beliefs. As I’ve said before, using the brute force of government to make a church or business do something that goes against their religious beliefs of marriage, should never be tolerated, and I will continue advocating for these beliefs. I also hope that these beliefs will be protecting by law, just as other protected classes are here in America.

In my closing, and on a more personal side note, to see one, Hillary Clinton, who was against same-sex marriage up until recent years (Yea right!), use same-sex issues as a means to pander for votes is truly sickening. This is a woman who [accepts] donations from bigots in foreign countries who kill gays  as well as accepts charities of up to $10 MILLION in donations, from African churches which called homosexuals ‘devils.’ It’s sad that many gay-Left refuse to believe these decisions the Clinton foundation made. I will also say this, the issue of same-sex marriage has been a wedge issue for a long time, Republicans have an opportunity to seize this moment and use it to say, “Hillary, you claim to be a champion for these issues. Well, what’s done is done on SSM, and you can’t hide behind this issue any long… What else exactly do you stand for?” She simply runs on social issues as she has absolutely no accomplishments to run on.

…Seize the moment, GOP!


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