Bruce Jenner vs. The Gay-Left Bigots

Wow! So, if you haven’t been hiding under a rock the last few hours, you’ll have heard about Bruce Jenner “coming out” …as a conservative Republican. (Oh, there was something about him being transgender too.)  And in these last few hours, social media has been on fire with this story. Again, more-so about him being a Republican. With this, comes the hypocrites I so dearly love to call out. Yes, I’m referring to those “Equality for all,” “Just be yourself,” “Don’t judge” liberals known as the ‘Gay-Left’ …a term I coined for them as a means to separate those of us, for the most part, with true tolerance and open-minded thinking. And if I do show some intolerance (I mean, it happens) I’m going to justify my reasoning, and not hide like most of these cowards. OK… I’m upset, clearly. Why? Because I’ve read some of the most vile things about Jenner being a Republican while being transgender. In a sense, I’m glad the gay-Left come out of the woodwork and show their true colors on issues like this. They are consistently proving to be their own worst enemy. This is a “community” that once embraced others, in or out of the gay “realm” to simply attacking anyone who holds different beliefs, political, religious, other otherwise, while defending their bigoted tactics and words with a rainbow flag. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Bigotry wrapped in a rainbow flag is still bigotry.



Megyn Kelly posted a story with snapshots of a few people tweeting their response (these aren’t so vile) to Jenner’s ‘out & proud’ Republicanism entitled: 

“Gross,” “Disgusting Way Of Life”: Bruce Jenner Blasted For Coming Out As Republican

If the ‘gay-Left’ continues this form of bigotry, and I am almost certain they will, without any gay community leaders calling them out on it, they’ll only continue to disgrace those who [truly] fought for equality and tolerance against the opposition, years ago. I’m ashamed of what too many of these so-called gay-Left activists stand for today. They use their sexual orientation as a weapon, a defense to justify their narrow-minded thinking. People may call me a sell-out, self-loathing, etc., which only fuels my fire to continue to call out their faux-equality stance, but if these lefties think they can continue this assault on free speech, freedom of belief, and/or traditional values, or just plain open rage and hatred to someone like Bruce, a person who they supported and embraced for having the courage to “come out” as a transgender person, but then turn their backs on him for “coming out” as a Republican, and get away with it, they’re sorely mistaken. Many of us (gay and straight) won’t tolerate [their] intolerance any longer. They don’t speak for me as a gay person, and I hope Bruce Jenner, and everyone else watching pays attention to the hatred they spew. As you could imagine, I’ve been asked for my thoughts on this issue by my online buddies, to which my typical response is usually the same: “Well, there’s a saying I like to say: ‘When it comes to discussions, I’d rather be gay in a room full of Republicans than a Republican in a room full of gays.'”


(Note: If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know I’ve made it clear that I acknowledge intolerance on both side of the political spectrum. So, yes, I’m aware of “haters” in my party as well. The difference between the intolerant Left and the intolerant Right is that there are also people on the Right who actively call out those on our side. Where are the gay Democratic “leaders” and activists when it comes to telling these bigots on the Left to knock it off? …anyone?)


1 thought on “Bruce Jenner vs. The Gay-Left Bigots

  1. D Fife

    I feel the same. Ive voted on both sides because I’m not a party person. I ‘m a people person. You have conveyed this in a way that was clear and truthful. Most of what I get is that I am a “faux news” troll. Quite the contrary. I actually am predominantly libertarian. But when you don’t agree with these people with no civility, you are attacked and called a troll. More divisiveness.


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