Gay Republican Activist, Jimmy LaSalvia, Formally of ‘GOProud’ Leaves Republican Party


“…anti-gay and other forms of bigotry in the party.”

Those are a few choice words from former Log Cabin Republicans member, former GOProud member, and now, former Republican member, Jimmy LaSalvia stated in an article posted today. As a gay Conservative, it’s almost amazing to read such nonsense. Jimmy and I have been online buddies for quite some time now. I have always respected his posts and ideology. When he and fellow, former LCR, GOProud member Chris Barron decided to break away from Log Cabin Republicans and establish GOProud, they made a bold move, not to mention a statement that the Log Cabin organization was “too liberal.”

GOProud had great backing by political activists like Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter and others. They claimed GOProud was a “real” gay Conservative organization.

I, and others like myself, who are not single-issue voters, and who do not affiliate ourselves in either gay organization, be it LCR or GOProud, choose not to because we believe both organizations focus more on what they claim separates us from the “gay-Left”: [solely] same-sex issues. Most have agreed with LaSalvia, in that LCR is too liberal, yet, most also agree with myself and others that GOProud’s image and brand tarnished after an incident in recent years that occurred at CPAC, caused by GOProud (yet Jimmy likes to say they were banned, “because we were gay.”). Things like their ridiculous “Homocon” club which was held in Tampa Florida, consisting of both men and women “go-go” dancers, leaves REAL gay Conservatives embarrassed that this organization is supposed to be our our “public” voice. I think not. I stopped supporting them after this, as they cater to the gay stereotype REAL Conservatives get away from. They’ve embarrassed us enough.


Now, is the Republican party the most “open” to same-sex issues, no. In fact, most of the people I know, both gay and straight feel too many people within the GOP focus on social issues, rather than economic issues. This is disheartening. The Republican party needs to stop making same-sex issues a talking point, because, as I have told political men and women running for office who I have sat and talked to, “Same-sex marriage is inevitable. I understand you’re for traditional marriage, and I respect that, but I don’t know what else to tell you.” I, and others like myself live life focusing on, concentrating on and voting on the economical ideology to which concerns ALL Americans, not one issue which caters to only some. However, both parties have proven to have their fair share of “anti-gay” followers. Some just hide it better than others.

Some, on the Left have claimed I’m “selling my soul for money.” …Selling my soul? Like when I was a Democrat in ’08, and voted for Obama, even though he was against same-sex marriage? Hm. I didn’t see him painted as “anti-gay.” Quite the double-standard. Is that the selling my soul they’re referring to? I left the Democratic party because I am pro-life, pro-gun (anti-gun control), for fiscal responsibility, for strict immigration reform, economic liberty, and I believe in personal responsibility. Being gay doesn’t determine my party affiliation, especially when some of the most liberal states have voted [against] same-sex rights in recent years. Both parties have their goods and bads. It’s too bad too many of you can’t see that.

I will continue to be a member of the GOP because, as you’ll read in my quote below, to which I commented on in Jimmy’s Facebook post, when he broke the news of his GOP departure, I have more respect for those in the GOP who are not blinded by social issues.

“So, do you think the heterosexual politicians and activists in the GOP who are now, or have acknowledged and supported GOP members who are gay should also leave the party? From Orange County’s Dana Rohrabacher, who was once not so supportive, but now attends Log Cabin events, to Senator Scott Brown, Darrell Issa, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, the late Andrew Breitbart (as you well know), even Dick Cheney coming out in support of or attending “gay-Right” functions. You’re basically saying, thanks but never mind. Moreover, I thought being a gay-Republican meant we were not single issue voters. Yet, it seems both GOProud and LCR focus solely on that issue. Doesn’t make sense. I don’t quite understand your decision to leave the GOP, but I respect it. Also, with all due respect, you quit the LCR, you quit GOProud, and you are now quitting the GOP…? Again, I support your decision, but to give praise for it? Can’t do that.”

Jimmy also stated in March of 2013:

“I’m embarrassed to call myself a Republican right now.”

To put it rather bluntly, you didn’t like Log Cabin Republicans, so you quit. You got tired of GOProud, so you quit. And now you’re not getting your way today or tomorrow with the GOP, so… you quit. With all due respect, perhaps those organizations are not the problem. Perhaps you should try the Left-leaning gay organization Human Rights Campaign, because if you think they will welcome your “Conservative” ideology, which you claim to have a lot of, with open arms, you’ve got another thing coming. Take your fame-seeking personality elsewhere, because you’re clearly looking for attention at all and any cost, and leave something when you’re not the center of attention. I think I speak for many in the GOP, whether gay or straight, when I say, Good riddance.

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