Introduction: A Description About This Blog/Blogger…

First, and foremost, my sexuality doesn’t determine my party affiliation. When 90% of my ideology aligns with that of the GOP on such issues as Abortion, Immigration, Foreign Policy, Government, Fiscal Discipline, Pro-God, Personal Responsibility, etc., I can guarantee you, I will not be registering as a Democrat anytime soon. Besides, I, personally, know a lot more civil heterosexual Conservative Republicans who “accept” (for lack of a better term) me for being gay, than I know gay people who “accept” me for being Conservative.

The stereotype that all gay people are “anti-God”, feminine, cross-dressers, promiscuous, etc. is rather offensive to the “gay”-Right. I try my best to not affiliate or align myself with the gay “community” because it once stood for unity, empowerment, strength and pride. Now, it’s more of the exact opposite. The [intolerant] gay-Left make the gay community its own worst enemy.

When I have conversations with people who ask what it’s like to be gay and Conservative, my response normally goes back to one of Ronald Reagan, “The person who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20% traitor.”

Are there intolerant, or ignorant rather, people in the GOP? Of course. And I recognize that. However, the Left seems to think their party walks on water, can do no wrong, and only “evolve” on issues. However, when a Republican or Conservative switches a stance, on the topic of same-sex marriage, Dick Cheney for example, they are simply “pandering.” This is the hypocritical nonsense to which motivated me to create my Facebook page and this blog. Yes, there are gay-Right organizations out there, who have done MUCH more to help push for “equality” than most gay-Left organizations, yet they are vilified by the gay-Left, with some of the most evil names you can think of. What’s worse, is they somehow credit certain Democrats in office, who really had nothing to do with it in the first place. It’s rather shameful.

This page is not solely made to “bash” the gay-Left, but to open their eyes in that you can call us on the Right all the names you’d like, but we on the Right (gay-Right) are not single-issue voters. Our sexuality will not by the deciding factor when we campaign for or support politicians and representatives who align more with our beliefs. This page is also made for people on the Right who believe all gay people are against them in their freedom for speech or right to believe what they will.

I hope you will enjoy and follow! Thank you.


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